School of Humanities, Language and Global Studies

We are committed to delivering a fully integrated international experience for our students. Our language, global studies and humanities programmes are all about building your knowledge of the language, culture, history, society and customs of the country of your chosen language, or indeed languages. Our Education courses are a great steppingstone for those that want to become teachers, and those that are interested in working within education. We offer a diverse suite of programmes delivered by enthusiastic and experienced teachers.

About the School

  • Our language, global studies and humanities programmes are recognised by industry professionals internationally, our courses place strong emphasis on practical and vocational development which help you maximise your learning potential and prospects for the future. Our tutors are active members of Chartered Institute of Linguists and Registered Practitioners/ Fellows of the Higher Education Academy. The British Council and Trinity College are accrediting bodies for several of our courses.

  • The period abroad available to all students studying a language is a life-changing experience, one in which you can immerse yourself in the language and culture of your chosen field of study – and we offer eight languages from across Europe and Asia, so there’s plenty of choice. As well as studying your chosen language, you are likely to take up a position within an international company, or work as a language tutor. We offer study or work abroad in China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Spain, and Russia and we are partnered with some of the most prestigious universities in these regions.

  • Our courses regularly receive excellent student satisfaction. for example, in the 2019 National Student Survey 100% of Religion, Culture and Society students who participated in the survey were satisfied with their course. Our teaching staff include three Higher Education Academy National Teaching Fellows, who were awarded their fellowships for excellence in teaching for careers and innovation in the classroom. Our Education courses have also ranked highly in the National Student Survey 2019 (see individual courses for details).

  • We are internationally recognised for our research and are successful in attracting research scholarship and funding – we house the Institute for Black Atlantic Research, which has hosted two internationally-funded Marie-Curie Research Fellows, we also run the UCLan Music Research Group, with staff researching music and culture here in the North West, but further afield too. Students studying one of our education programmes can gain international work experience through the Centre for Volunteering and Community Leadership with second – and third – year modules; many of which are accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

  • Over the last 12 months our students have visited the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, China to name a few, have attended conferences nationally, and displayed work in museums to test their ideas in the real world. Our Education courses offer placement opportunities in every year of study to enhance employability; allowing students to gain valuable experience in areas that best interest them. It also allows exposure to a variety of educational settings, to help guide your journey for a career within Education. The courses are student-centred, meaning teaching and learning is offered in small groups. This means that we are able to offer focussed support.

  • We also operate a heritage network and have extensive connections with museums and historical organisations throughout the region. Therefore, in our degree programmes, we blend cutting-edge subject knowledge and practical experience to equip our students with the confidence, skills and creative potential, needed for the world of work.

Our Courses Your Experience

Across the School, we have a great history in teaching our subjects: we are still leading the way with innovative courses and we started the first and only Institute of Korean Studies outside London, find out more below.

Study Abroad

You may have the opportunity to spend a period abroad, in the country(ies) you are studying, on either a work placement or a study placement. If your course requires a study year abroad you will receive free flights and free visas.

Industry Standard Interpreting Suite

You will have access to two state-of-the-art conference interpreting suites with industry standard technology to prepare yourself for the world of interpreting and translation.


As a university, our research makes us distinct from other educational institutions offering languages, with expertise in languages, linguistics, culture, education and politics.

Our worldwide research is also a reflection of our international focus and in 2013, we launched the only Institute of Korean Studies outside London. The application of our research is one of the things that makes us special.

Staff conduct research in the interconnected areas of theoretical and applied linguistics of both spoken and signed languages, area studies, cultural studies, intercultural communication and cultural etiquette.


Dr Sojin Lim

Sojin is an expert in international development with a particular focus on the turbulent development co-operation relations between North and South Korea. Before arriving at the University in 2017 she was engaged in research and teaching across a number of international aid agencies, government institutions and universities based in Seoul.

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Professor of American Literature & Culture

Professor Will Kaufman

One of the UK's senior scholars in American Studies, Will Kaufman has served on the executive committee of the British Association for American Studies and has been Vice-Chair of the Association.

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The School of Humanities, Language & Global Studies at the University of Central Lancashire has a dedicated team of lecturers to support you in schools and colleges in the North-West and beyond to enthuse your students to take up modern languages or deepen their subject knowledge in this area along with opportunities to develop cultural intelligence. Read more.


The School is home to the Worldwise Centre, which offers extensive resources relating to language learning, and is also a tranquil, informal space in which to meet and make friends with speakers of different languages.

The Worldwise Learning Centre is an excellent resource that provides you with international experiences and support for your global aspirations.

For those keen to pursue a career in interpreting/ translation, we host a state-of-the-art Brahler Conference Interpreting Suite, a core facility for professional training.

We also house one of the UK’s Confucius Institutes, through which we work with a range of Chinese centres of scholarship to promote Chinese culture and language.

The Language Academy offer a range of academic and professional English courses for non-native speakers of English. All courses are designed and delivered by our team of experienced English language specialists to support the development of all learners.